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Customer Service Level 2 Essay - 2424 Words

Section 1 – Understand methods of communication with customers 1a) Use the table below to outline at least two different customer service situations and the different methods of communication that would be needed in these situations. Situation Methods of communication 1. The porridge that a guest has ordered is not available. Verbal. The best approach in this situation is to speak to the guest face to face and apologise whilst explaining why the porridge is unavailable. 2. A customer has been spoken to and treated rudely, they have written a formal complaint in writing. Written The reply could be in an e-mail or a letter depending in the information gathered from the customer. 1b) Based†¦show more content†¦Organisation Standard greeting Impact on customers Organisation 1 Lush Hello, can I help you find something today. Customers who have never been in a lush store before would feel relieved to have some guidance and also feel safe in the knowledge that the help will be coming from someone friendly. Organisation 2 British gas Hello my name is †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.how may I help you today. A friendly greeting over the phone makes the customer feel at ease about sharing the reason for their call. Knowing the staff members name also helps build trust. Organisation 3 Premier inn Good morning/afternoon/evening, can I help you? Do you have a reservation? Stating good morning/afternoon/evening would have a positive effect on customers as they can assume they would have a polite conversation with the staff member. They have also been asked a direct question which would lead to a friendly exchange of conversation. Section 2 – Understand how to handle customer service information 1. Explain what information may be held about customers by an organisation. An organisation may hold basic information on customers such as their name, gender, contact details and age. They may also keep payment details and transaction histories as well as any feedback or questionnaires. 2. Outline at least two examples of ways in which customer informationShow MoreRelatedCustomer Service Level 21009 Words   |  5 Pagesorganisation and the customer service role 1. Complete the table below with a description of the products and services for at least two commercial organisations, public organisations and third sector organisations. Please ensure you provide a description for each organisation, rather than a list. ï ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼Ã¯ ¿ ¼ 2. Complete the table below by describing the differences in customer service between commercial, public and third sector organisations. You should outline customer service roles in each organisationRead MoreLevel 2 Customer Service Assessment4739 Words   |  19 PagesSection 1 – Understand the factors that affect an organisation and the customer service role 1. Complete the table below with a description of the products and services for at least two commercial organisations, public organisations and third sector organisations. Please ensure you provide a description for each organisation, rather than a list. Organisation type | Name of organisation | Description of products and services | Commercial organisation | Tesco | This is a supermarket whichRead MoreCustomer Service Level 2, Unit 2 Section11154 Words   |  5 Pagesaffect an organisation and the customer service role 1. Complete the table below with a description of the products and services for at least two commercial organisations, public organisations and third sector organisations. Please ensure you provide a description for each organisation, rather than a list. Organisation type | Name of organisation | Description of products and services | Commercial organisation | McDonalds | McDonald’s is a food service retailer and aimed at making profitRead MoreNcfe Level 2 Customer Services Essay7047 Words   |  29 PagesEurope and Japan, these 3 head quarters hold the 3 Ping Factories based where golf clubs are made for all over the world. Customer service and Custom Fitting is a major part of the business. Section 1 – Understand the factors that affect an organisation and the customer service role 1. Complete the table below with a description of the products and services for at least two commercial organisations, public organisations and third sector organisations. Please ensure you provide aRead MoreBelmont Atlantic (Ba) Is One Of The Main Players In The1073 Words   |  5 Pagesin the Canadian Telecommunication market, and it has more than 1 million customers. Louise McDonald is one of the customers of B.A., and she had issues with her BlackBerry Classic phone email from Saturday. In order to solve her email issue, she called B.A. When she reached her first call to B.A.’s agent, Tyler couldn’t solve her issue because it is beyond his knowledge and requires a level 2 technician. Furthermore, level 2 technician will be available on Monday, so she has to wait till Monday inRead MoreQuestionnaire And Questionnaire On Customer Requirements Essay1527 Words   |  7 Pages4.1. Identify customer requirements The customer is given a questionnaire and their responses are recorded in their own languages. SMEs may not immediately have knowledge or action plans to meet the customer demands, but the requirements need to be documented in the same way that it was delivered by the customers. After which the CRs can be organized hierarchically with no limit on the number of the hierarchical levels [3]. The customers are categorized as internal customers (e.g., stakeholdersRead MoreUnderstanding Your Organization s Customer Service Guidelines1645 Words   |  7 Pagesdocid=-588724269867897572hl=en (irate customers) ïÆ'Ëœ (telephone messages ïÆ'Ëœ ïÆ'Ëœ ïÆ'Ëœ ïÆ'Ëœ TASK 1 – UNDERSTANDING YOUR ORGANISATION Research your workplace standards you should have your organization’s customer service guidelines in yourRead MoreStrategic Management Important Questions1648 Words   |  7 Pages1. Define Business Level Strategy integrated and coordinated set of commitments and actions the firm uses to aim a competitive advantage by exploiting core competencies in specific product markets. indicates the choiced the firm has made about how it intends to compete in individual product markets is the core strategy - the strategy that the firm forms to describe how it intends to compete in the product market customers are the foundation of successful business level strategies and should neverRead MoreGscm550 Week1 Study Questions818 Words   |  4 PagesCourse: GSCM550 – Logistics, Distribution and Warehousing Assignment: Chapter 2 - Study Question – 1, 4 Chapter 3 – Study Question – 2, 4 Chapter 2 Question 1: Illustrate a common trade-off that occurs between the work areas of logistics. According to Bowersox (2012) â€Å"trade-offs between procurement, manufacturing, and logistics is to understand that the trade-off is between the cost and risk associated with anticipatory manufacturing and the loss of economy of scale resulting from introducingRead MoreValue-in-Context Markets1281 Words   |  5 Pagesunique set of actors and unique mutual connections with them. (Chandler and Vargo, 2011). Vargo et al. (2008) mention that every single service system has its own access of public, private and market facing resources, and for a service system in order to co-create value and improve its circumstances may exchange its operant resources (service) by way of other service system resources. It is perceived that authors refer to the resources as private, public (internal) and market facing as well which can

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PTSD Research Paper - 1674 Words

Taela Butler Miss. Sykes English III Honors 7 April 2014 Living with Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder Today, hundreds of thousands of service men and women and recent military veterans have seen combat. Many have been shot at, seen their buddies killed, or witnessed death up close. These are types of events that can lead to Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD: A Growing Epidemic. â€Å") Anyone that has gone through a traumatic event can be diagnosed with PTSD but research shows, military men and women are more susceptible to having PTSD (PTSD: A Growing Epidemic.) And, with little help from the US, many Veterans do not get the help they need or get treated for PTSD. Military men and women begin to†¦show more content†¦About 30% of the men and women who have spent time in war zones experience PTSD. (Military.) The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that PTSD afflicts almost 31% of Vietnam veterans, as any as 10% of Gulf War veterans, 11% of veterans of the war in Afghanistan, and 20% of Iraqi war veterans. An additional 20 to 25 percent of all military men and women have had partial PTSD at some point in their lives (Military.) People with PTSD often have anger issues and emotional problems. It is likely for them to have thoughts of suicide and feel completely disconnected from their lives and from other people. They have lived through a drastic trauma that is hard to overcome and go on with their lives. PTSD effects everyday interactions and feelings. Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder affects the daily lives of the people suffering from it. Some may need accommodations at work depending on their personal severance of the disorder. People with PTSD miss more days at work and work less efficiently than people without PTSD (PTSD Effects.) Certain symptoms of PTSD, such as difficulties concentrating and problems sleeping may make it difficult for a person with PTSD to pay attention at work, stay organized, or make it to work on time. People with PTSD also have higher rates of unemployment than people without PTSD. (Military) As youShow MoreRelatedPtsd Research Paper1038 Words   |  5 PagesThe Perceptions and Treatment of PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has severely affected the lives of countless military veterans throughout the years. Consequently, there likely are many more PTSD cases that exist and go unreported, or misdiagnosed due to misconceptions when reported (Samuelson, Bartel, Jordan, Valadez, 2017). To this extent, I am going to discuss my views on two articles. The first article explains the patient’s perceptions of PTSD symptoms. The second article explainsRead MoreThe Effects Of Ptsd Symptoms And Relationships1441 Words   |  6 Pages Effects of PTSD Symptoms and Relationships Jordyn Burns University of Minnesota Abstract Within recent years researchers have turned their attention to soldiers returning home and their intimate relationships. More specifically, researchers have looked at how a soldiers PTSD affects his/her relationship and well being. There are many symptoms of PTSD, all of which contribute to the severity of that individual’s symptoms. This paper will be a literature reviewRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay1259 Words   |  6 Pagesstress disorder (PTSD) affects many individuals in the United States. This paper focuses on individuals who survived hurricane Ike and Katrina and as a result, suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder. PTSD can affect an individual for a couple of weeks to a few years after the exposure. People who suffer from PTSD can also suffer from depression and substance use (Odonnell Forbes, 2016). The period after a natural disaster can also feed the negative feelings that come with PTSD, depression, andRead MoreA Disorder That Is Discussed In Bo th The Textbook And The1611 Words   |  7 Pagescovered in class is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a disorder that may develop after and individual has experienced or been exposed to extreme trauma. This paper will provide an ABC analysis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; it will also discuss a treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a critique of the disorder. The ABC analysis looks at antecedents, behaviors and consequences of a particular disorder, in this case PTSD. Antecedents or influences on an individual, ofRead MoreDreaming and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: The Connection974 Words   |  4 PagesPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder is defined as a â€Å"debilitating mental disorder that follows experiencing or witnessing an extremely traumatic, tragic, or terrifying event† (PTSD Info Treatment, 2013). While this definition describes the general definition of PTSD, the DSM-IV states that the criteria for being diagnosed with PTSD varies between a person who â€Å"experienced, witnessed, or was confronted with an event or events that involved actual or threatened death or serious injury, or a threat to theRead More Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay1420 Words   |  6 Pagesstress disorder (PTSD). Based on the research, post-traumatic disorder usually occurs following the experience or witnessing of life-threatening events such as military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents, or violent personal assaults like rape (Harvard Women’s Health Watch, 2005). The purpose of this paper is to discuss the risk factors, pathophysiology, clinical manifestation, diagnostic criteria and tests, treatment, prognosis and future research and approaches toRead MoreEffectiveness Of Chosen Intervention For Children With Refugee And Asylee Youth1273 Words   |  6 PagesEffectiveness of Chosen Intervention Based on the available research, the authors have chosen Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy as the most effective intervention when working with refugee and asylee youth. This intervention was chosen due to the high amount of research conducted using this intervention with refugee and asylee youth. The pliability of CBT allows this intervention to mold to the unique needs of this population and serve the vast degree of trauma and mental health conditions this populationRead MoreTreatment Intervention Outcomes For Veterans With Ptsd960 Words   |  4 Pages Treatment Intervention Outcomes for Veterans with PTSD Rita Clady HHS460: Research Methods in Health Human Services LaTonya Jones October 4th 2015 Treatment Intervention Outcomes for Veterans with PTSD Description and Summary Post-traumatic stress disorder is considered as a psychiatric disorder that creates impairments in occupational, interpersonal, and social functioning. Although there are several treatment processes for veterans suffering from this condition, some interventionRead MorePreventing Ptsd During Military Personnel1371 Words   |  6 PagesPreventing PTSD in military personnel Goals: I aim to research if it is possible to prevent or make it harder to obtain PTSD in military personnel through the creation of a new drug, or use of an existing one. Currently, the problem with using medications is that it merely blocks the amount of distress and sadness that is brought on by PTSD. I intend to use some form of medication that could be taken daily by soldiers that would prevent the acquisition of PTSD when a trauma occurs, instead of blockingRead MoreThe Severity Of People s Ptsd Symptoms Following The Hurricane967 Words   |  4 PagesThe severity of people s PTSD symptoms following the hurricane was overtly connected to the amount of television coverage they watched of the damage which included the looting of New Orleans, rescue efforts, and evacuations in and around the Superdome and the Convention Center in New Orleans. People fared better in terms of PTSD symptoms if they watched less television coverage overall, especially of the looting. They also benefitted fr om using prayer as a way of coping with the stress of the hurricane

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The Single Life Free Essays

Adult Development and career Life Assessment Jan. 21, 2010 With the internet implemented worldwide the dating scene has revolutionized. The single lifestyle in my opinion is slowly becoming a thing of the past, especially with social networking sites such as e-harmony, match. We will write a custom essay sample on The Single Life or any similar topic only for you Order Now com, my-space, or even facebook. How can one define the single life? It depends on who you ask on what kind of definition you will get. In the dictionary single is defined as a relating to the unmarried state or no longer living with. I define being single as being someone who is not actively participating in a relationship with a like minded individual. I have been single for the most part of my life. My very first relationship was my sophomore year in high school. I was only about fifthteen or sixteen years old. Her name was Carla, she and I met in the cafeteria one morning while we were having breakfast before homeroom period started. Even though our high school was very small, I cannot recall ever seeing her before. Once we became friends, we started to date. We would attend school functions, basketball games, choir concerts, basketball games and track meets; as time progressed a little we both got our driver licenses and jobs. This at first was a really good thing for the relationship, due to the fact that we could attend and participate in other functions and activities outside the ones that were primarily school related, for example: the movies, or the fair. One side effect that I noticed from my new experience was that of a wondering mind. I would often find myself not focused on school work or any task for that matter. I would always become distracted when trying to accomplish anything; my attention would immediately be directed to Carla’s and I relationship. This was not benefiting me in anyway. My grades dropped, I became less and less productive at work and didn’t get much rest. Finally I made the decision that if a relationship would cause me not to maintain my focus and career goal that is was not for me at that time. Carla was my first and last serious relationship, and I have made the judgment to remain single until I have reached my educational aspirations. I would like to think that there is no pressure and is a personal choice on staying single or to get married, but it is not like that. Once a person can whole heartedly accept the fact that they are living the single life, it becomes somewhat easier for that individual to interact with others on a daily bases. For example, when a person really and truly feels as if they need to be in a relationship or cannot understand why they are not, that individual could have some problems dealing with others who are in a relationship or someone who is content with the single lifestyle. In my opinion â€Å"coming from personal experience† a person is more likely to find themselves when single as opposed to being in a committed relationship. Being a person who has been in a relationship and single, I can see some pros and cons in both being single and being in a relationship. Attached you will find a diagram with some of the pros and cons. ? ? Pros SINGLE IN A RELATIONSHIP Freedom Someone to share More friendsShared experiences Self-Sufficiency Can Depend on someone Prioritizing Career Two incomes Cons ? SINGLE IN A RELATIONSHIP Lonely Arguments No one to talk toJoint bank accounts One incomeLess time to work Having to cookLess time to focus on school In conclusion I’ve express my view and thought on the single life base on information obtain from personal experiences and article and information researched via the internet. Base on the information presented in my paper I have concluded that being single is conducive to the hectic lifestyle of a young, working college student. I do feel as if everyone needs and deserves someone. Which is why I do not wish to remain single for the remainder of my life, I can honestly say I am at the point in my life where being single is ok and works for me. How to cite The Single Life, Papers

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Rhetorical Functions in Academic Writing free essay sample

Expect to acknowledge everything youve got from a source other than your own head. The things that dont need referencing are your own ideas and common or uncontroversial knowledge (English is a Germanic Language, for example). If in doubt, err on the side of over—referencing, until you get the knack. Having too many references in a text breaks up the flow of your writing, but that is the lesser of two evils. To avoid too much repetition, you may be able to say at the beginning of a section or paragraph: The following is a summary of information given in Smith (1994). Note, however, that it is not sufficient to give one vague reference to your source somewhere, and then draw directly from it for page after page.Rather than just summarizing what you are reading for the sake of it, make notes relevant to the task in hand and identify the major points that relate to your purpose. We will write a custom essay sample on Rhetorical Functions in Academic Writing or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Make the notes under headings; you can then write out your own version based on those points. When making notes, use your own words wherever possible. Never copy anything out without putting it in inverted commas and putting a page reference next to it. Always keep the full reference details for any source you draw on, as you will need them later. These details should be integral to your notes, so that you can easily see where an idea or quote has come from. Where your source text gives examples of a phenomenon under discussion, try to think of some examples of your own (or look them up in a dictionary or another book). This is in any case a good way of ensuring that you understand what you are writing about. However, if you are in doubt about whether your example is valid (e.g. where the examples have been drawn from a particular source that you cannot access), quote the ones you have been given and acknowledge them appropriately. If there is any terminology you dont understand, look it up [or ask your tutor for advice], dont just copy it out. (Wray et al, 1998)

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Where Have You Been free essay sample

Where are you going, Where have you been? Stephanie Bumpase AIU Where are you going, Where have you been? The character Connie in the story â€Å"Where are you going, Where have you been? † was a young 15yr old girl in a small town. She was beautiful and knew that she was beautiful. A flat character is a character that stays the same throughout a story (Gioia Kennedy, 2010) and a round character is the opposite of flat in which the character changes significantly (Gioia Kennedy, 2010).So in this story, Connie could be consider a round character because before Arnold Friend came around she was like any other teenager and when he came and put a little fear in her, she became a scared little girl. I fell that Connie was an individual character. Her mom was always critizing her. June was in another category. Connie Dad really did not do or say much. We will write a custom essay sample on Where Have You Been? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page So Connie had to stand on her own two feet by herself. Connie’s mom was a stay at home mom, like most small town people. Her Dad would work long hours and her sister would work and help pay bills and keep the house clean.Like in most towns as well, there was always a parent would drop their teenagers off at the mall or movies and pick them up. This town would do what any other town would do. Connie was like any other typical teenager. Connie was for one, beautiful and two she was a curious teenager. She was into boys like most teenage girls do. Connie likes to look good and keep up with her image. What changes that occurred in Connie are when she went to the drive-in and she took that ride with that boy. And when her sister asked her how the movie was, she said it was alright. There was an antagonist-protagonist between Connie and Arnold. Connie was the protagonist and Arnold was the antagonist. Arnold kept telling Connie that she was going to take a ride with him. He kept on and kept on with her and he told her also that she was his. She didn’t want to go anywhere with him and she insist that she was not going. What you later learn about Connie is that she started out as a happy go lucky young lady. She then became a brave young lady when she talked sharp back to Arnold. Then as the story continues, you see that Connie was a scared little girl. Her mom was always comparing Connie with June.Her mom wanted Connie to be more like June and her father never said anything. June really didn’t hang out with Connie. Through the music and this strange guy showing up, Connie was amused at first. Connie kept talking to the Stranger to figure out who he was and how he knew her. The shift changer of the story was when Connie question Arnold his age and seen how his looks changed. The theme slowly change when Connie insist that she was going to call the police. Arnold informs her that â€Å"Soon as you touch the phone I don’t need to keep my promise and can come inside, you won’t want that† (Oates, 1970).Some of the major stages were when Connie notice Ellie’s face. She also notices the boots on Arnold that they seem kind of big. Also When Ellie said â€Å"You want that telephone pulled out? † (Oates, 1970). Another major stage was when Arnold said that the old lady down the road was dead. The symbolic contrast between the stranger and the ordinary town’s people was that the stranger was not an ordinary town’s people but a killer. He was in that town, stalking his prey and killing people. Connie action at the end of the story may have been a betrayal to her family because she was dead and didn’t say good-bye.She didn’t let her family know that she would be gone forever. The way the story ended was a tragic. It makes you think that this could really happen to you. It shows that Connie was seeing the light and was going to the light. It could be a warning to let people know to not to trust everyone. She could had called the police when she first heard the car coming down the drive way. That way the police could be coming and her life would have been saved. Parents should always tell their kids to never talk to strangers. The conflict between June and Connie is that they had an age difference.June was a little more reserved and Connie wasn’t. This could tell you in the story, that June was a little more mature. June would pay bills and clean around the house and Connie was young and hard headed. The stranger name was kind of funny. He had a real first name â€Å"Arnold†, but the last name was trying to be a bit funny â€Å"Friend. † Friend is a statement that he is everybody friend. The letter â€Å"X† means that Connie was going to be Arnold next victim. Like the saying â€Å"X marks the spot. † Connie’s action compare to today generation is the same.

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Taiwan essays

Taiwan essays Initially, Taiwan was not an island; the land which is now the island of Taiwan formed an integral part of the Chinese mainland. It was only later that it became an island due to movement of the earth's crust. The study of Taiwan's historical heritage also confirms that close links have always existed between the cultures of Taiwan and continental China. Through constant improvements in technology and international relations, Taiwan will continue to grow and expand throughout the world. This paper will discuss several areas of interest about the country of Taiwan including its geography and climate, people and language, history, government, foreign relations, economy, education, and tourist attractions. Taiwan is located in the Western Pacific about 160 kilometers off the southeastern coast of China, midway between Japan and the Philippines. The island of Taiwan is about 394 km in length and 144 km wide at its broadest point Taiwan has five longitudinal mountain ranges that cover almost the whole area. Its tallest mountain, Mount Jade, peaking at an incredible 3,952 meters. The island also consists of volcanic mountains, foothills, tablelands, coastal plains, and basins. In July, the average temperature on the island is about 82 degrees in July and about 57 degrees in January. Summers are usually hot and humid, and last from May to September. Winters are fairly mild and only last from December to February. The average rainfall is about 98.5 inches per year. ( In 1544, the island of Taiwan was found by the Portuguese as they were on their way to Japan. They referred to it as llha Formosa, or beautiful island. Between 1662 and 1684 Taiwan went through many rulers, including the Dutch until 1684, when Taiwan was made a province of China, and it was there that they had their first governor. Throughout the next 65 years, Taiwan still was not at rest due to the constant wars and incidents surrounding the land....

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Science and Grammar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Science and Grammar - Essay Example At the same time, science becomes meaningful when it is disseminated to a large group of people. Some people are likely to ignore these facts, but doing so is just refusing to accept the fact and reality. With this in mind, some students and people at large may question the importance of having to write scientific issues and concepts correctly with no grammatical or spelling mistakes. There is no particular and specific definition of science, as more definitions are likely to be created by different people in different academic fields. However, in most cases, science can be perceived to constitute intellectual and practical activity, which may involve the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment (Ray 2). Science from this simple definition can be seen to be important and critical to the lives of people and in the generation and dissemination of knowledge. Students may think that, as long as the main idea in the scientific knowledge has been advanced to the reader, there is no big reason to worry and have concern with regard to grammar and correct spelling. The students may think that these aspects are not important in scientific world. However, students have to know this is not the case or is not a position, and as a teacher, I can support. Just like the way grammar and spelling considerations are important in other fields, students should know that the same applies in scientific world. Just imagine reading scientific piece of knowledge that is full of grammar mistakes and spelling. First, as a reader of such article, one is likely to consider the writer not serious with the work or even the writer to be careless. Moreover, the reader of such article is likely to be discouraged or even to become disinterested in reading such an article from the world go. As a result, the scientific